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Get prepared to have your world rocked, as we show you the full capabilities of Citrix Workspace, and how it can dramatically change the way you work forever!

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Biggest Takeaways of this Webinar:

Featuring Citrix Converge 2021 Hackathon Teams

Meet the dream teams for this year's Citrix Hackathon Challenges. And get your popcorn ready as we have an in-depth interview with each team about how they approached the hackathon challenge and what they learned along the way.

Live Technical Demo

Watch our live technical demos of Citrix Workspace based on business and innovation use cases. Learn the full capabilities of Citrix Workspace and how it can help you take charge of the week and crush productivity in your branch!

Secrets to our Success

Find out how we plan to remain the reigning champions of the Citrix Hackathon Competition! Learn more about our teams' strategies, plans and insight on how they are progressing so far.

Exclusive BTS content

Take a peak behind the Technical Curtain of Brick Bridge's Citrix Hackathon Teams. Get an inside look into the backend of the video entries the two teams created.

Select Brick Bridge Videos

Winning Citrix Hackathon Entries!

" The breadth of functionality in the Brick Bridge entry wowed the judges, as did the GenX-friendly finale."

" It's a real whirlwind tour, well worth watching! "

"The Judges loved this great end-to-end example of automating critical business tasks. This workflow is well thought out and the UI is super slick."

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Brick Bridge is Now a Microsoft Partner!

October 15, 2022
Brick Bridge is Now a Microsoft Partner!
Quick announcement - Brick Bridge is now a Microsoft Partner and able to assist with a variety of needs. We have been working with Microsoft products for some time but now it's official.

Free April 28th, 2022 Webinar

March 20, 2022
Free April 28th, 2022 Webinar
FREE Webinar - Brick Bridge Quarterly - APRIL 28TH at 12:15p EST - Expand Your Professional Knowledge - Click Post for more details on agenda & registration

Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Three Recap

January 21, 2022
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Three Recap
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Three Recap: Two impactful TCH track sessions today and the if-you-only-watch-one "Ask the Expert" session in our final Field Kickoff 2022 fast recap.

Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Two Recap

January 20, 2022
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Two Recap
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Two Recap: Day2 Keynote and the All-Star Jam were on the agenda today and we have three more not-to-be-missed Break-Out Sessions.
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