5 Signs it's Time for Mobile App Delivery Before the Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, and businesses were mandated to close their physical locations across the globe, we've been trying to find a way to make remote work comfortable and productive for employees.

The fact is, today, more employees than ever are working outside the traditional office environment—and the numbers are increasing. Be it the need for work/life balance, a flexible work schedule, general disdain for rush-hour commutes orother changing factors—whatever the reason or trend, companies simply have no choice but to respond if they’re to attract and retain their best employees.

Here’s another reason: it’s in their best interests. In a recent survey, Forrester reported that 56% of respondents said they are more productive when working from home. Not only that, 45% said they would work from home more often if they could.

Unfortunately, many companies aren’t doing their part in keeping these valuable employees productive and happy. According to the survey, only 39% of remote employees felt like their company was providing them with the technology they needed to do their jobs effectively.

So, how do you make your company one of the ones delivering what employees need? First, we suggest asking some key questions about your current mobile capabilities. To get started, download our whitepaper, “Five signs it’s time for mobile app delivery,” as a useful guide. By answering a few simple questions, you can easily discover if your organization is ready to empower remote and mobile workers to be successful. And who knows… by doing so, you might just find that the real key to employee retention isn’t expensive on-site “perks”—instead, it’s driven by productivity, flexibility and easy access to business-critical apps and data.

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