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Brick Bridge guests on Supercharged! Podcast Season 4

Show summary from Jordan:

"In this awesome episode we welcome back one of our returning champions – Gil Roberts from Brickbridge Consulting! Aside from being a long-standing and incredibly active Podio Partner, Gil and the team have also led the charge in helping Citrix leverage the power of Podio inside their new Workspace product. Gil and his team have successful taken home top prizes in all of the Citrix hackathons (proving once and for all that Podio developers have the skills!).

This is a really interesting discussion that goes beyond just Podio and to the heart of how we are navigating the best practices around work, the office and technology in our new reality (post/during Covid). We dive into workspace, talk about how the environment is focussed on the individual and the individual’s day-to-day journey in their job, and how Podio sits at the heart of so much of the workflow and automation elements of both workspace and Citrix."


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