We provide everything you need to get scalable, custom solutions with automated workflows.

Public Sector

Impact Focused
Focus on your organization's mission instead of having to worry about funding solutions.
Evergreen Funding
Receive funding on a consistent, unrestricted schedule to help your organization grow.
Increased Grant Performance
Free up your valuable time from slaving over grant applications and administrative work.

Our funding solutions help build and improve communities by creating a funding incentive for new or innovative institutions to share their best practices with other organizations through the co-development of software.

Your solution will decrease administrative overhead and give your orgnaization room for exponential growth in grant performance through consistent, monthly funding due to a subscription from other organizations within your industry.

Private Sector

Automated Workflows
Automate everyday business processes to cut down on paperwork and save your valuable time.
Custom Structure
Workspaces built upon the steps and stages unique to your team.
Project Management
Easily keep track of multiple projects with personalized dashboards.

We offer a variety of software solutions that will help your business grow. Whether you need software for internal use or you're looking to co-develop a product, we're able to provide quality solution.

Visually monitor your business' data through personalized dashboards. User access is restricted through a granular permissions system. Set up tasks and link them to relevant items and then set up automated workflows that get triggered when items get completed.

The possibilities are endless.

Podio Developers

Consulting Services
Expert guidance on starting large product Solutions.
Design Services
Scalable design around Podio-based Products.
Integration Implementation
Full, custom-coded API integrations off of Podio.

Brick Bridge provides consulting support and toolkits for Podio-based development agencies. Consulting services are available from a team of Podio experts who work personally in building a wide variety of large scale Podio-based Solutions and Products every day. They will take time to understand what the Solution really needs and give perfected, personalized guidance in consulting sessions to ensure scalable designs.

Podio designers who require this intracacy of design also need custom-coded API integrations not found in Podio. Brick Bridge's team can hand code and migrate all integrations off of Podio for effeciency and effectiveness.

Platform Solutions

Client Relationship Manager (CRM)
Capture lead and client information from a variety of data sources for sales management, KPIs, compliance and automated marketing functionality.
Operations Workflow
Automate and track submission of orders, appointments, service tickets, donations, or any other inbound requests to your Organization’s fulfillment process.
Project Management
Keep all project information like timelines, budgets, and change orders in one place and easily connect them to clients and/or orders.

Organizations outgrow off-the-shelf software or have a unique process that other solutions can't address. Brick Bridge helps these Organizations by creating a variety of custom solutions on SaaS platforms such as Podio, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics. Our services include consultation, design, development, implentation, and support throughout the solution's life cycle.

Brick Bridge has assisted businesses, non-profits, and governments. We can help use captured data for automated marketing functionality to increase inbound prospects, build compliance workflows to ensure timely follow up by staff, and more.

AWS Development

Secure Infrastructure
AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure their infrastructure.
Dynamic Content
Quickly deliver dynamic files using customized workflows.
Compute Power
Rapid access to business critical information.

Customized Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions that can be designed to do just about anything. Host dynamic websites running on web/application servers in the cloud. Securely store all your files on the cloud and access them from anywhere. Send bulk emails to your customers. The list goes on and on.

As your business grows and more and more features are added to your AWS solution, the hardware powering your solution grows too. This means you'll never have to spend time thinking about how much computing power you need, it's automatically scaling with the growth of your application.

Website Creation

Rich Interfaces
Responsive, easy to navigate, and extraordinarily designed interfaces for customer experience.
Advanced Integrations
Connect nearly any of your other software applications directly to the website.
Progress Monitoring
Watch your project come to life during the development process with a real-time viewing link.

Brick Bridge offers clients complete design and development of professional web presence. Websites designed by Brick Bridge have beautiful interfaces that indulge audience while delivering messages effectively.

Established companies or public entities can enjoy websites built using the latest technologies that are proven to scale. We offer CMS capabilities for content-heavy websites that allow additions of new content in an easy-to-use editor with just a few clicks.

Our sites can advance beyond typical static pages to include fully-functional, interactive front-ends for web-based software.