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"Behind the
Technical Curtain"

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Do humans work at your organization?

Are you a human too? Do your users (and you) suffer with the "too many browser tabs" problem because of the number of SaaS applications in place? How many esoteric systems are around that people get trained on years ago only to email you when they need "one thing real quick"? How many messages/tasks "get lost" among the multitude of softwares that many people don't use daily but "a few people" want to enforce? Does it take more than 15 seconds to do simple things like fill out a PTO request or a one- or two-item expense report? Are you an IT Professional managing an environment with more than 25 employees and/or a dozen different softwares implemented?

Do you feel personally attacked by these questions?

Great! Your organization is likely ready for the future of work. We are here to help you craft the best employee experience by increasing your knowledge on new software products and implementation strategies focused on organizing, guiding, and automating work processes across your existing and future technology and software stacks.

Learning with us can save organizations like yours up to 28% of labor costs, decrease turnover up to 80%, and increase your awesomeness by 100% with ZERO need to "rip-and-replace" anything.

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And seeing is believing. You are one conversation away from wooing your end users, decreasing support tickets, and making adoption issues evaporate.

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Save the Date: International Podio Developer Meetup 2022

December 9, 2021
Save the Date: International Podio Developer Meetup 2022
The International Podio Developer Meetup will be taking place in May 2022! So, mark your calendar for March 18th - March 19th, because we have some interesting segments queued up that you don’t want to miss! Read on to find out this year's agenda and how you can participate as a speaker or sponsor for the event.

Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Three Recap

January 21, 2022
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Three Recap
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Three Recap: Two impactful TCH track sessions today and the if-you-only-watch-one "Ask the Expert" session in our final Field Kickoff 2022 fast recap.

Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Two Recap

January 20, 2022
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Two Recap
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Two Recap: Day2 Keynote and the All-Star Jam were on the agenda today and we have three more not-to-be-missed Break-Out Sessions.

Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day One Recap

January 19, 2022
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day One Recap
Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day One Recap: Two high-value speakers inside the Opening Keynote and Three not-to-be-missed Break-Out Sessions.
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Brick Bridge Consulting assists IT professionals like you in crafting the future of work without the need to replace anything in your current technology stack. It is possible but we have to talk first to see if you and your organization are ready to deliver a better employee experience.