Announcing The Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast

Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast - Season 2


New Beginnings

Hello Current and Future Listeners!

Whether you are a first-time listener or back with us again, it is our pleasure to host you in your Citrix Development journey with our new podcast season. 

A couple of years back we launched the “Podio Solutions Podcast” to help spark more conversation in the Citrix Podio community. We are still getting listens to Season One two years later for which we are very grateful. Many of you, and soon-to-be some of you, roughed it through those first ten-or-so episodes where we didn’t have proper podcast equipment and my dismal editing skills. The content is great across all those episodes - we did get a proper mic and more time at the editor's desk by the end - so if you haven’t dipped into them yet please do so as it’s worth the listening effort. If any of the links are not working that we mentioned, send us a message and we’ll dig up the examples and other content in that season. Overall, we felt that the first season was a relative success given the size of Podio’s Developer community at the time. Much of the world has changed since that final episode published in the late summer of 2019 and brings a bit of nostalgia to hear everyone packed together in our small sound room.

The World Changes

The world is very different since our first season. Spring 2020 brought us our second win at a Citrix Hackathon, Converge 2.0. We took the top category of “Best Business Value”, thanks to a heroic effort by our lead developer Sohal Patel. After Converge 2.0 we made plans to restart the Podcast in March 2020. COVID had other plans. Obviously, not the best time to stick multiple people is a small sound room with so many unknowns at the time. Season Two was put on indefinite pause as we sent all our employees home for remote work. 

Our business ramped over the Summer and into the fall of 2020. Podio, Workspace, and other Virtualization products were in demand for the “new normal” of work-from-home which left us no time for a new Podcast season. Also, with the European and our own North American Podio meet-ups spoiled by travel restrictions and general fears we combined efforts late that fall to co-produce the first “International Podio Developer Meet-up”. Joining us were the likes of Jordan Fleming of the SuperCharged! podcast, Citrix, TECHeGo, We Are Game Changers, Quivvy Tools, Arrow ECS, and many other gracious sponsors from around the globe (a 2021 edition is in the works and will be Podio-focused).

Converge 3.0 was November 2020 and Brick Bridge Consulting took the newly minted official top-place of “Overall Winner”. We had heavy competition from our friends at RawWorks; the look and feel of their Workspace entry was top-notch but we had a sheer quantity of novel integrations on our side to edge them out.

Winter into Spring 2021 saw a brighter future for all. Now with shots-in-arm, and COVID mostly in the rear-view mirror, we turned back to our podcasting plans. What would we do now? There is no denying that remote work was now the future of work for many organizations across the world. How could we ignore Citrix’s escalating commitment to SaaS and the needs in the new work-world we all find ourselves in? We couldn’t and when we looked at this podcast we realized there was something much great to be envisioned for all of us Citrix developers, regardless of what Citrix product we work in.

New Content

What is the path forward for this podcast? As you may have guessed by the new name - we are going to be covering development and client-delivery across all the latest SaaS product offerings from Citrix (as well as any non-SaaS Citrix products that you should be knowledgeable about). I promised it won’t just be me talking the whole time. As in the past, this podcast is also not a self-promotional one. We are going to be delivering value directly to your ears with technical topics, innovative use cases, and discussion with engaging guests.  

Our main topics will be centered around all the latest in Citrix SaaS-based offerings. There will be many episodes dedicated to Podio (it still will be a HUGE part of the podcast), Workspace with Intelligence, Wrike, and ShareFile/RightSignature. We’ll also be touching on the most popular integrations that all of our clients desire: Office 365, Google GSuite, SAP, Salesforce, and other popular SaaS software that all of our clients desire to integrate.

We are also going to be taking brief glimpses into Citrix’s classic non-SaaS offerings but will stick mostly with virtualization product families. In the category of topics will be CVAD, ADC/SD-WAN, and Citrix Analytics will also making the show at some point. These are wonderful additions to any Citrix Development practice. Technical topics will be around designs in the no-code/low-code interfaces, JavaScript and PHP examples for Podio Workflow Automation use cases, and a little bit on APIs and how to utilize them in several of the Citrix products.

Business topics and customer use cases will be sprinkled in throughout the season. The Podio community has been solving our client’s workflow conundrums and also designing the sometimes outrageous automation desire for years. We’ll discuss our journey of how we brought our non-Citrix integrations to the Citrix Ready marketplace and how you can too. We’ll share our process on what it’s like to compete in Citrix Hackathons and why you should rise to the challenge too. 

You’re going to be hearing from the talent of the Brick Bridge Consulting Team about all these topics and our successes and obstacles, past and present. We’ll be bringing on others from the Citrix Developer community - familiar names and new ones - to talk shop about their overall experiences with delivering Citrix solutions. We also plan to have a few select vendors and ecosystem resources on to give an inside look at how their services can help grow your business without being a total sales pitch. Lastly, we want YOU to be on the podcast - through your messages, issues, topics, or whatever you can throw at us

Citrix is at the forefront of the new work paradigm and Podio developers sit in a unique position to take advantage of all the new tools Citrix is providing. We encourage all Podio developers, regardless if you “code” or not, to take on a banner of the Citrix Developer so your clients know they can access the very best in the future of work. 

Thank you so much for reading today and I’m excited you’ll be joining us for our future episodes. Please subscribe and contact us, this is truly your podcast and we are honored to have you engaged. You can listen directly on our website or subscribe to us on Apple Music, Spotify, or Stitcher Radio.


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