Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021 Day One

Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021

Day One

All the Sessions, Speakers, and Topics were awesome but here are the 6 we recommend from Day One.

Wrike Developer Content

There wasn't bigger news out of Citrix earlier in 2021 than the acquisition of Wrike. These two sessions dive into the offerings that Wrike can offer Citrix Users and Organizations. CAN'T MISS.

1. “Reimagine your work universe with Wrike”

Speaker: Alexey Zhezherov, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"The applications we use in our personal lives offer us a much greater diversity of choices and versatility than the ones we use at work. Modern teams are facing unprecedented challenges, while having to cope with the limitations of legacy work management approaches. Wrike is the world’s most versatile platform for managing work across all teams. In this session, we'll share what Wrike's customers have taught us about versatility, and demonstrate the very latest features in Wrike."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Wrike for the Agile Team”

Speakers: Wanye Chang & Olivia Gartz, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Are you interested in discovering how Wrike is applicable to your team? During this session we will be diving deep into the possibilities of Wrike when it comes to planning, executing, and managing a team that follows an Agile methodology. We will explore how you can fit Wrike to meet the needs of your team's workflow and show you how to build customized dashboards for everything from program health to sprint burndown."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

CVAD Developer Content

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops showed up in a big way on Day One. These two sessions offer insights and a gateway to CVAD for those developers less familiar with this line of products.

1. “Getting Started with CVAD Service APIs”

Speakers: Alan Goldman & Alex Rubio, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"This session is an introduction to CVAD Service APIs. If you have never used our APIs and want to get started, this session is for you. We will cover our REST APIs to do things like create API keys and authenticate, provision a VDI catalog, and search for a session by username."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “How you can build on top of the CVAD Service microapps functionality”

Speaker: Phil Wiffen, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"In this session we'll cover a few ways, with worked examples, of building more functionality on top of the existing CVAD Service microapps. We'll look at examples of the capabilities of the CVAD Service APIs, and go through the process of how we might expose those capabilities in microapps."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

Citrix Converge Hackathon

The pentacle of glory at Citrix Converge (and the best prize offering we've ever seen) the Hackathon is huge favorite among us here at Brick Bridge. These two session offer insight on how you can participate.

1. “Converge Hackathons and Challenges”

Speakers: Praneet Singh, Mahesh Damojipurapu, and Pat Paterson, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Just as Converge has evolved from its original focus on microapps to cover the entire range of Citrix technology, this year our hackathon and challenges give everyone a chance to measure their skills against their peers to win a share of $25,000 of prizes. Join this session and take the first step to glory!"

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Work Solutions Hackathon Theme: Reimagining Hybrid Work with Podio and Microapps”

Speakers: Sumedha Panwar & Chandrika Srinivasan, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Citrix Product Managers Sumedha Panwar (Podio) and Chandrika Srinivasan (Citrix Workspace microapps) will explain how you can compete against your peers to integrate Podio with Citrix Workspace microapps and win awesome prizes!"

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

NOTE: SwapCard links will expire 60-days after Converge ends. We will do our best to update this blog entry with non-SwapCard links after the events closes but some links may break permanently.

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