Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021 Day Zero

Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021

Day Zero

All the Sessions, Speakers, and Topics, were awesome but here are the 6 we recommend.

Podio-Centric Sessions & Workshops

Converge has not pulled any punches this year as it started with some big Podio announcements and even bigger ideas on the future of work inside the Podio-Workspace conjunction.

1. "Build the Future of Work with Podio and Microapps - On Demand"

Speakers: Sumedha Panwar & Chandrika Srinivasan, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Learn about our low code tool, Citrix Podio, and how to build Citrix Workspace microapps leveraging Podio as the system of record. We'll also explain how Citrix Workspace customers will soon be able to create new Podio accounts or link existing Podio accounts using the new Citrix Workspace cloud service: App Builder."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. "Enhancing Productivity and the Future of Work at Citrix"

Speaker: Meerah Rajavel, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Citrix CIO Meerah Rajavel will explain how Citrix uses its own technology to gain competitive advantage. Whether you call it “eating our own dogfood”, or “drinking our own champagne”, you’ll gain a unique insight into how Citrix is enhancing productivity and implementing the future of work with itself as "customer zero"."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

3. "Modernizing Work"

Speakers: Sara Hoeg & Sumedha Panwar, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Employee experience is the sum of our interactions with our employer’s stakeholders (colleagues, managers/leaders, clients and vendors), as well as our physical and digital workspaces, work processes, tools etc. Learn how different Citrix Work Solutions: Podio, RightSignature, Wrike, ShareFile and Citrix Workspace microapps come together and work in harmony to boost employee productivity on Citrix Workspace."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

"AI-First" Meets Citrix

Attendees of Citrix Converge 2021 Day Zero caught a glimpse of a MASSIVE underlying storyline in the future of work. We HIGHLY recommend those joining us on Day One, Two, or Three replay all three below in order and see if you can spot the trend.

1. “The Future of Digital Workspaces is in Automation”

Speakers: Sasa Petrovic, Citrix & Chris Twiest, RawWorks

Summary from Site:

"Based on feedback from customer IT leaders, we will explain how automation is impacting digital workspaces. We will share a comprehensive overview of current pain points and provide insights how our large enterprise customers are enhancing automation capabilities to overcome today’s operational challenges."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Accelerating the Sales Ecosystem With Citrix Workspace Microapps”

Speaker: Brian Tucker, A2K Partners

Summary from Site:

"A2K Partners COO Brian Tucker discusses how their team automated manual processing of multivendor sales transactions, customer support and customer success using microapp integrations that consolidated information culled from disparate platforms onto a single dashboard. You'll learn how A2K realized a 40% increase in productivity, saving countless hours across a vendor sales team and replaced the development effort of an in-house, ground-up solution to automate all aspects of its reseller sales, support and success journeys across three different vendors with Citrix Workspace."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

3. “Precognition: Sense and Seize the Future using Citrix Technology”

Speaker: Ray Wolf, A2K Partners

Summary from Site:

"A2K Partners CEO Ray Wolf provides an in-depth look at what companies have stealthily been doing with Citrix Technology in the last 18 months to emerge as a disruptor in their vertical. He provides insights into the trends and solutions that are shaping their technology and buying decisions. The discussion reveals never seen before market thinking that presents opportunities and challenges while educating how to position Citrix technology as the go to Future of Work partner to help customers accelerate their business objectives and digital transformation journeys."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

NOTE: SwapCard links will expire 60-days after Converge ends. We will do our best to update this blog entry with non-SwapCard links after the events closes but some links may break permanently.

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