Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021 Day Three

Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021

Day Three

All the Sessions, Speakers, and Topics were awesome but here are the 6 we recommend from Day Three.

Citrix Developer Community

Three picks from sessions that impact the whole Citrix Developer community.

1. “Enhancing Productivity in the Face of Rapid Change” -- CLOSING KEYNOTE

Speaker: James Governor, Redmonk

Summary from Site:

"Industry analyst firm Redmonk was founded in 2002 with a unique focus on technical professionals — the developers, designers, DBAs, sysadmins and operators who work hands-on with technology. Redmonk co-founder and analyst James Governor has spent the nearly 20 years since then helping companies understand and work with their communities of coders, scripters, and builders. In a closing keynote with a difference, James literally walks a path from the industrial revolution to the COVID-19 pandemic via post-World War II reconstruction and the London 2012 Summer Olympics, exploring how the past 18 months has changed the worlds of end users and techies forever, and how platforms such as CItrix Workspace can enhance productivity in the ""new now"."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Women in the Citrix Ecosystem”

Speakers: Esther Barthel, cognition IT, & Tricia Atchison, Alysia Eve, Amy Haworth, and Liz Fuller, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Our panel of Citrix executives and community leaders will discuss how women in the Citrix ecosystem navigate and succeed in their leadership roles in tech while encouraging and amplifying each other’s voices as mentors and business leaders."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

3. “Automation fight night: Scripting vs Programming”

Speakers: Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk & Eltjo van Gulik, RawWorks

Summary from Site:

"Based on the success of our previous Converge session we will continue the fighting championship. On this fight night, the battle continues between PowerShell and Python but will be disrupted by a new kid town, C#. This session will discuss the programming language titans of the automation world, PowerShell, Python, and C#. Citrix Technology Professionals Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk and Eltjo van Gulik demonstrate how these programming languages can be used to create and consume APIs and webhooks on the server and client-side."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

Cannot Get Enough Workspace

MORE WORKSPACE - Three more sessions sure to help Citrix Developers and Hackathon teams utilize more Workspace features.

1. “Why You Should Care About Low/No Code”

Speakers: Chris Twiest, RawWorks & Chris Jeucken, ConoScenza

Summary from Site:

"Just Build Your Own Apps! In this session, CTA Chris Jeucken and CTP Chris Twiest will explain why you should care about low and no code. They will go over Citrix Workspace microapp and Microsoft PowerApp examples, as well as talking about the value for end users and your organization."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Collaboration in Workspace with Citrix ShareFile”

Speaker: Prashanth Nagaraj,Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Within the Workspace, Citrix Content Collaboration, aka ShareFile, enables users to securely access and collaborate with content stored across cloud and on-premises repositories from any device in any location."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

3. “Make your work life easier with Citrix Workspace”

Speakers: Gerjon Kunst, RawWorks

Summary from Site:

"In this session we'll explain how to use microapps to make your day-to-day work life easier. We'll use Hollands Kroon (a Citrix innovation award winner) as an example of how to start building a workspace. You'll learn how business users can develop microapps that really improve productivity."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

NOTE: SwapCard links will expire 60-days after Converge ends. We will do our best to update this blog entry with non-SwapCard links after the events closes but some links may break permanently.

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