Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021 Day Two

Best Replays of Citrix Converge 2021

Day Two

All the Sessions, Speakers, and Topics were awesome but here are the 8 we recommend from Day Two. Yes that is two more picks, it was a FULL day of valuable sessions. And, unfortunately, I'm going to have to ignore some of the cool Citrix Networking & CVAD sessions given the amount of SaaS-focused developer sessions ("@" us on Twitter - @BrickBConsults - with your suggestions in these categories).

Classic Citrix SaaS Applications

The "Old School" gang (Podio, RightSignature, ShareFile, PWA) and new the kid, Workspace, Citrix SaaS make technical demo appearances on Day Two. Particularly, the Podio Workflow Automation suite has a masterful demo by Bill Carovano.

1. “Low Code Tooling: Citrix Podio”

Speakers: Bill Carovano, Digiflow Software Solutions & Sumedha Panwar, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Today, businesses of all sizes are all looking to drive more productivity and reduce costs across the board. How can they do this effectively? Removing complexity and manual tasks from everyday workflows can contribute to success of your employees. Learn how you can leverage a single product: Citrix Podio, to serve all your teams. Leverage the versatility and simplicity of Podio and the power of automation to empower your teams and business users by creating workflows in minutes to solve key user challenges and business agility needs."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Integration Strategy”

Speakers: Satya Mallya & Praneet Singh, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Citrix Director of Partner Solutions and Monetization, Satya Mallya will describe the use of integrations to improve employee experience and productivity by addressing common workflows in today's enterprise."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

Microapp Building Goodies

Another set of technically-natured demos of the powerful Microapps were shown. HINT, HINT Hackathon Teams.

1. “Enhance learning & development with a Spotify podcast microapp in Citrix Workspace”

Speaker: Charlie Brinson, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"A Spotify Podcast microapp can provide Citrix Workspace users with educational resources to enhance learning and development directly within the Citrix Workspace environment. We will be highlighting the use case for Citrix employees related to the podcasts for Remote Works, Tech Fusion and The Click-down so Citrix employees can listen to podcasts through Citrix Workspace, be alerted of new episodes and access old episodes directly from Citrix Workspace."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Building the GroupRoom Microapp”

Speakers: Chris Matthieu, GroupRoom & John Moody, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Thanks to microapps, Citrix Workspace is great for team workflow and automation! There are many Microapps available to streamline your tasks and receive real-time notifications related to events that require your attention and/or action. With half of our teams going back to the office and half remaining remote, our communications and collaborations began to suffer. What if we could leverage Citrix Workspace to bring teams back together in this new work environment? Meet GroupRoom! GroupRoom is a spatially-aware video chat and collaboration platform that allows onsite and remote employees work together in a digital hybrid workplace. In a matter of days, we were able to bring GroupRoom workplaces together with Citrix Workspaces via microapps and our existing REST APIs! Now our teams can work together in a digital twin of our existing offices and feel like they are all connected once again in real life. We will walk you through the process of building the GroupRoom microapps!"

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

Citrix Workspace + Microsoft

It is no secret that the multi-decades long relationship between Citrix and Microsoft have been a benefit to customers and partners of both organization. These two sessions really show how the pair are stepping forward together into the future of work. Excited for these features to be released in 2022.

1. “Consuming microapps externally”

Speaker: Ben Robbins, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Customers are facing new challenges as multiple work platforms compete for their time. On the one hand, IT is providing more productivity solutions (e.g. ServiceNow, Workday, Concur) to manage daily tasks and on the other, end users are spending more of their time in collaboration hubs, such as MS Teams, Slack, and Zoom as they work remotely. The problem is that the services that organizations are adopting are not located in the spaces where users are spending their time. To solve this problem, Citrix is bringing the power of microapps to 3rd party collaboration experiences, such as Microsoft Teams, so end users can take advantage of mission critical productivity solutions without leaving the collaboration hub of their choice."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “Citrix Workspace Integrations with Microsoft”

Speaker: Matthew Wheeler, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Learn how Citrix Workspace end users can enable integrations themselves without admin involvement. We will walkthrough how to receive OneDrive notifications in your Activity Feed and how to search for OneDrive and SharePoint files within the Citrix Workspace."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

The DevOp Sessions

"Don't call it DevOps!" <- Quote from the Panel on DevOps today. These two sessions will help anyone new to the concept or struggling to implement DevOps at their organization.

1. “The Journey From DevOps to Cloud Engineering”

Speaker: Matty Stratton, Pulumi

Summary from Site:

"We have been talking about DevOps for years. Along the way, we’ve added various syllables to the portmanteau “DevOps” to include all the practices and disciplines that are key to doing this effectively. What if DevOps, DevSecOps, and all the other variants have been about the same idea all along? Cloud Engineering is an emergent way of expressing how we use and enhance software engineering practices in a cloud world. This goes beyond application design and architecture, but includes how we build, deploy, and manage the services and applications that provide value to our users and customers. In this talk I will step through the evolution of devops and how the practice of Cloud Engineering is a natural progression. I will take the traditional expression of CALMS (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing) and connect them to the build, deploy, and manage practices reflected in the Cloud Engineering discipline. Cloud Engineering isn’t “the new DevOps”. It’s the evolution of everything we have been talking about for the last ten years (and more). Let’s learn how we can provide innovation, scale, reliability, security, and compliance by harnessing the practices across all of the associate disciplines. And maybe, along the way, “take DevOps back” to what it’s really been about all this time."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

2. “DevOps for the Citrix Admin”

Speakers: Brendan O'leary, GitLab, Matty Stratton, Pulumi, Mandi Walls, PagerDuty, and Matthew Malecki & Pat Patterson, Citrix

Summary from Site:

"Our panelists have collectively worked in the fields of automation and DevOps for decades, across enterprises, partners, and vendors. Our moderator, Pat Patterson, Director of Developer Evangelism, will challenge them to demystify DevOps and illuminate automation."

Watch the replay here: SwapCard Link

NOTE: SwapCard links will expire 60-days after Converge ends. We will do our best to update this blog entry with non-SwapCard links after the events closes but some links may break permanently.

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