Free February 1st Webinar: "Increase employee engagement by 20% by installing Citrix Microapps"

Free Webinar - February 1st, 2022: "Increase employee engagement by 20% by installing Citrix Microapps"


Date: February 1st, 2022

Time: 12:15pm EST

Duration: 45-minutes

Registration Link: Please click here.


  • Alex Edelen will be exploring the importance and benefits of improving employee engagement.

  • Queena will be focusing on one of the microapps we implemented on a Tesla Model 3 touch screen for our award-winning hackathon entry - ‘Does Elon love Workspace’. This particular microapp retrieves climate data from weather API. Here's the Kicker, you can do it yourself! Queena will be showing quick and simple steps you can follow along from home, to build this microapp on your Citrix Workspace.

  • Alex Davis will be showing you how you can find Microapps in the Citrix Ready Marketplace, communicate with the provider from the listing, purchase and install the implementation.


Microapps organize, automate, and guide employees through their workday, maximizing productivity and boosting the overall user experience and engagement.

* Learn about Out-of-the-box integrations

Choose from over 100 out-of-the-box microapp workflows designed to drill down to the few key actions employees perform daily.

* Create custom workflows in minutes

Build your own microapp workflows in record time, even from legacy or on-premises apps.

* Keep costs in check

Compared with their full-blown custom app counterparts, microapps take significantly less time to create and require far fewer resources.

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