Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 - Day Three Recap

Fast Recap of Citrix Field Kickoff 2022

Day Three

This list is for those looking to catch-up with can't-miss sessions or a fast-path refresher for those returning with post-conference information needs.

Note: All Sessions are assumed NDA for this event so we will not be posting additional commentary on session content.

Day Three Top Three Sessions

1. “TCH100: Have a Business-Driven Technology Conversation with an Executive"

Hands-down the best session of the day with a great set of example selling scenarios. Worth the watch.

Watch the replay here: --Direct Link, Registration Required--

2. “TCH104: Delivering the value of DaaS against the Competition (EST)

Never Miss a Beekmans & Berger speaking session! Perfect information on Citrix versus the rest, easily laid out.

Watch the replay here: --Direct Link, Registration Required--

3. "ASK117: Ask the Experts: Tim Minahan"

Tim never disappoints with his enthusiasm and information. If you can only catch one "Ask" replay, this is the one.

Watch the replay here: --Direct Link, Registration Required--

Do not miss the "KEY113: All-Star Jam" session. Likely the best "Webinar Concert" I've heard in a long time. Pleasure to hear classic songs sung by legends just for the attendees. Well done!

NOTE: We will do our best to add and update links in this blog entry during and after the event closes but some links may be unavailable or break permanently in the future.

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