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Brick Bridge interview for the Citrix User Group Community

Brick Bridge won the Citrix Converge 2020 Hackathon with our "You Had Me At Productivity" entry, a fast-paced tour of the future of work. Citrix evangelists Patrick Patterson and Sonny Chhen invited us to share how the Hackathon team came up with the idea to bring Spotify playlists into Workspace. Watch our team take the community through how to win a Citrix Converge Hackathon!!

Jerry Riggs is stuck working from home in his new role as an IT Manager. In his previous role, he struggled to clear his to-do list in between chasing a toddler and quieting the dogs. Citrix Workspace said to him "Help me help you". Now Jerry can clear his checklist with plenty of time to join his meeting and order UberEats from the comfort of his desk. Jerry misses a client call while rocking out to corporate's Metal Monday Spotify playlist but Workspace is on top of things. Jerry cries out "Show me the productivity!!" as he effortlessly checks his client environments with one hand and changes diapers with the other. "Citrix workspace, you complete me."

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