5 Signs You're Ready for the Workspace Revolution


More, more, more!

It’s the common refrain that rings throughout the ears of IT admins and directors everywhere.

In the swirl of a never-ending digital transformation, you and your teams have delivered new technologies, new innovations, and new ways to work for employees worldwide.

But, of course, your various audiences—from execs to disparate employees spread around the globe—are only wanting more. How can you make their jobs easier? Their apps more available? Their data more secure? The infrastructure more integrated? And on and on and on….

In some respects, you can’t really blame them. After all, you have made their lives better. They are more productive. They can work when and where they want. And use the devices they prefer and still get access to the apps and data they need to do their jobs.

They’ve gotten a taste, and they love it. Now they want more. Lucky for you, right?

So what can you do? You’ve already seen the benefits of virtualization and mobile app delivery—for your IT team and your users. It’s paying off in many ways. But as your infrastructure continues to get more complex and your embrace on a hybrid and multi-cloud world only gets stronger, you’re starting to wonder what else is possible?

For starters, take a step back and look for a few signs that might point you in the right direction. For example:

· Are you still lacking holistic, secure delivery of apps and data?

· Are your employees still complaining about their app experiences?

· Are employees still implementing and using unsanctioned file-sharing apps?

· Is your overall IT complexity getting unmanageable?

· Are you lacking that magical boost in employee productivity

If you can answer “yes,” to any of these indicators, then it may be time for a secure digital workspace.

Unlike a traditional workspace, a digital workspace always serves up the right experience at the right time. It’s engineered to increase visibility and simplify management of all apps, desktops, data, and devices—and to give employees the unified and secure experience they need to be productive.

Most simply, it’s a solution that works for both IT and users:

You can quickly and easily deliver the apps and data people need—and users get a great experience.

You can unify the delivery of apps across hybrid environments—and users get single sign-on simplicity

You can enhance visibility and management of your entire infrastructure—and users can rely on the technologies offered (vs. resorting to unsanctioned apps to do their jobs).

Or, to put it another way, a secure digital workspace is the “more” you’ve been searching for.

To see if your organization might be ready to take the leap, check out our infographic, “5 signs you’re ready for the workspace revolution” today.

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