Save the Date: International Podio Developer Meetup 2022

Save the Date: International Podio Developer Meetup 2022

There has been speculation about whether the International Podio Developer Meetup will happen in 2022, given the miss in 2021...

We can confirm that IPDM will be taking place in May 2022 - mark your calendars for May 18th -19th. The Meetup will be in the form of a virtual event with a potential in-person component.


  • Dates: May 18th & 19th, 2022
  • Times:  European session (2pm - 5pm CET)
                American session (9am - 12am PST)
  • Mode: Virtual
  • Summary: Two-day event featuring Citrix Podio's community presentations, educational sessions, industry topics, and the latest in Podio-based toolsets.


IPDM 2022 will feature a lot of similar content to the 2020 edition with educational/technical, peer, industry, and vendor lead-sessions. If you have not attended our previous International Podio Developer Meetup here is a quick break down of the types of sessions you would expect:

  • Community Presentations (20 min): Members of the community share client solution designs, hacks/work-around, or Podio Partner business expertise. Example from IPDM 2020 - "Zooli"


Join us! If you would like to be a speaker or a sponsor, please fill out this form:

*Presentation slots for speakers and sponsors are filled on a first come first serve basis, so reserve your speaking spot now*

The attendees of this conference will be potential clients from developer communities all over America as well as Europe. Gain exposure to a wider range of audience in the American market and break into the European market by getting in front of them as a sponsor or speaker of the IPDM Conference.

NOTE: If you are selling a product or service, directly, we want you but you will be asked to sign-up for a Sponsorship. Educational, Community, and Industry sessions are reserved for non-promotional content only.

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