Save the Date: International Podio Developer Meetup 2022

Save the Date: International Podio Developer Meetup 2022

There has been speculation about whether the International Podio Developer Meetup will happen in 2022, given the miss in 2021...

We can confirm that IPDM will be taking place in May 2022 - mark your calendars for May 18th -19th. The Meetup will be in the form of a virtual event with a potential in-person component.


  • Dates: May 18th & 19th, 2022
  • Times: TBD but will be 6-two hour sessions
  • Mode: Virtual (with a potential in-person option).
  • Summary: Two-day event featuring Citrix Podio's community presentations, educational sessions, industry topics, and the latest in Podio-based toolsets.


IPDM 2022 will feature a lot of similar content to the 2020 edition with educational/technical, peer, industry, and vendor lead-sessions. If you have not attended our previous International Podio Developer Meetup here is a quick break down of the types of sessions you would expect:

  • Community Presentations: Members of the community share client solution designs, hacks/work-around, or Podio Partner business expertise in 10-Minute presentations. 8 sessions. Example from IPDM 2020 - "Zooli"
  • Industry Roundtables: Panels featuring community members, sponsor representatives, and prominent industry figures tackle big questions and visions in the future of Podio. 45-minutes; 2 sessions. Example from IPDM 2020 - "State of Industry Discussion"
  • Keynote Presentation: Informative 1-hour talk about the state of the industry and an attempt to solve a big, burning question. 1 Session. Example from IPDM 2020 - "IPDM 2020 Keynote"
  • Technical Education Sessions: Education-focused, 1-hour sessions around a deep technical topic in the Podio ecosystem. 2 Sessions. New this Year!
  • Business Education Sessions: Business and client-focused topics for Podio and Citrix Partners to expand their Podio Developer Agency practice or business line. 2 Sessions. Example from IPDM 2020 - "Benefits of Partnership"
  • Sponsor & Vendor Exhibitions: Join our gracious Sponsors for live demos and Q&A of industry toolsets and products. Various lengths; 6 sessions. Example from IPDM 2020 - "Quivvy Tools 360"
  • Living Coding Party: Join Brick Bridge team members at the end of Day 1 for up to 1-hour of live coding of an integration between Citrix Podio and Workspace. Example from IPDM 2020 - "Live Coding"
  • Opening and Closing Remarks: Hear thoughtful remarks at kick-off and close Various lengths; 6 sessions. Example from IPDM 2020 - "Parting Thoughts"


Join us! If you would like to be a Presenter, Speaker, or a Sponsor: please fill out this form:

NOTE: If you are selling a product or service, directly, we want you but you will be asked to sign-up for a Sponsorship. Educational, Community, and Industry sessions are reserved for non-promotional content only.

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