Make sure your network can keep up with your cloud transformation amid the pandemic

These are hectic and unnerving times for business; but, they are an opportunity to grow from change. With the government and health officials pushing to allow employees to work from home to practice social distancing in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, organizations of every size are beginning their cloud transformations. Some are starting small while others are taking significant steps. But there’s one thing each of these journeys have in common: a goal to deliver a strategic impact for the business remotely.

But this goal is only possible if your network can keep up with your cloud transformation.

Even if your current network has performed well to date, it was designed for the demands of traditional infrastructure—where your apps, desktops and data are all stored in one place.

Changing where apps, desktops, and data are stored and where and how they’re accessed will fundamentally reshape the volume and paths of traffic through your WAN. That would pose a problem for most legacy networks, but by making WAN transformation part of your cloud project, you can deliver reliable performance and effective security at a reasonable cost wherever people work.

So how can you get started?

Check out a new eBook: The essential guide to preparing your network for the cloud.

In this informative, free resource, you can learn how new technologies like SD-WAN can help meet your ongoing network requirements at every step of your cloud transformation, including:

• Supporting SaaS apps and Internet use

• Migrating apps to the cloud

• Creating a hybrid, multi-cloud environment

• Making the Internet available to customers

The fact is, preparing your network NOW will pay off in the long term, even after things eventually calm down. No matter where you are in your cloud transformation, taking advantage of new technologies like SD-WAN can deliver the flexibility you need to ensure reliable performance, maintain security and control costs at every stage of the journey.

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