Podcast Interview: Chris Blakeley of Repaytient - Render Capital Winner

Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast
Season 2 Episode 6- "Interview: Chris Blakeley of Repaytient (recent Render Capital Win)"

This podcast is an interview with Chris Blakely who is the COO of Repaytient and recent winner of the Render Capital start-up investment competition. Repaytient chose Citrix Podio as the foundation to launch their startup in April 2020.

Show outline

  1. Episode Intro
  2. About Repaytient
  3. Repaytient's Render Capital Win
  4. Start-up Life
  5. Solving the U.S. Healthcare problem in 5 minutes (just kidding)
  6. How Citrix Podio helped Repaytient succeed early

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