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Featured: Supporting Employee Well-being with New Citrix Workspace Microapps

Employee Well-being Focus

Brick Bridge's Citrix Ready microapp for Spotify and New York Times have been featured in a Citrix blog post by Sr. Product Manager Danijela Nandi at Citrix. Here is a summary of what she had to say:

Citrix Workspace Microapp screenshot of Spotify
Citrix Workspace Spotify microapp with Featured Playlists

Spotify by Brick Bridge Consulting

"If you’re like me, you enjoy having music in the background during your workday (and sometimes you might even sing along). Music helps me take a moment for myself and, then, return to my work re-energized and often with new insights.

Now, from Citrix Workspace, I can use the Spotify microapp to explore featured playlists, enjoy my own playlist, or — what many of us appreciate — share music with colleagues, without the need to switch context, platform, or device."

When the team at Brick Bridge originally wrote this microapp for the Converge 2020 Hackathon we intended to bring back some of the "water cooler" chat that was missing from the workplace due to remote work. Gone were the ping-pong tables and coffee bars of our physical office so we wanted to inspire casual conversation and comradery that had evaporated. We felt that music was something that almost everyone enjoys and shares in common. Spotify was a great choice due to our ability to connect Citrix Workspace directly to the Spotify experience. Inside Workspace, users can preview songs off many curated playlists by Spotify and then use their browser or native app to continue to listen to the selected songs.

Citrix Workspace Microapp screenshot of New York Times
Citrix Workspace New York Times microapp with Movie Reviews

The New York Times by Brick Bridge Consulting

"With The New York Times microapp, it is easy to take a moment to read top stories and consume content that isn’t always related to work to spark inspiration and chats with colleagues before kicking off a meeting."

There is so much more to conversations on Teams and Zoom meetings then just the work at hand. Converge 2020 Hackathon found us looking to add to more to employee conversations with peers and clients by providing informative news and fun topics like movie reviews. This allows for more in depth conversations than the awkward "How's the weather?" small talk. The New York Times Workspace microapp is also a fun distraction that breaks up a work day; people don't just work 8 hours straight like robots. Having space to think about problems (but staying inside Workspace) allows for more productivity, especially in creative roles. The New York Times microapp gives a contained distraction that has business application in a wonderful way that adds to the personality of conversations and removes the doldrums of ineffective ice-breaker chat.

Ready to Install with Citrix Ready

Both microapps are ready to install for end users at our Citrix Ready profile. Pricing is listed and ultra affordable with one-time licensing available for organizations of all sizes. Brick Bridge clients, Citrix Partners, and Citrix Sales Engineers can take advantage of special bundle pricing by contacting us with their use case for the special offer.

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