How your network can take on the cloud — and win

While many organizations are rapidly accelerating to the cloud, plenty are still reluctant to make the move because they worry their infrastructure isn’t.

Control, reliability, security, and visibility don’t have to be speed bumps that slow your digital transformation. Whether moving to multi-, hybrid-, or cloud-based infrastructures, the right networking solution can help you securely navigate your journey to the cloud with confidence.

Reduce your risk points with secure, contextualized access

  • A contextualized approach looks at the who, what, where, when, and why data is being accessed — and it allows your organization to deliver a consistent user experience across internet, and enterprise and SaaS apps. It turns out, it’s also crucial to securing your network. With a single point of access, your IT and security teams can balance a great user experience and risk mitigation. Here’s how access control can help your organization securely balance user and IT needs:
  • Ensure seamless single-sign on (SSO) and multifactor authentication Users benefit from the ability to sign in once and access their all applications. And IT gets the ability to control access with multifactor authentication and end-to end-monitoring across the network — regardless of whether they’re hosted on premises, in the cloud, or delivered as SaaS.
  • Provide granular-level visibility Detailed logs allow you to see what’s traversing your network via applications. As multi-, and hybrid- cloud environments become more complex, detailed visibility is an increasingly valuable tool for spotting unusual activity or threats. You’ll also be better equipped to prevent malicious user behavior, lowering the risk of insider threats and enabling a secure digital workspace.

To learn more about these important considerations, download this informative e-book, How your network can take on the cloud — and win . And good luck transforming your business. It'll be easy with these helpful tips.

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