8 Ways Working with a DaaS Gives your Business the IT Flexibility it Needs
Balancing the mobility demands of a dispersed workforce while meeting the daily requirements of managing a complex, distributed infrastructure has never been more challenging than during the recent, sharp increase of remote work.

In order to meet the demands of their customers and employees, organizations are moving toward an always connected workplace where employees are able to access their work from anywhere and on any device.

Businesses are turning to Desktops as a Service (DaaS) in order to provide their employees access to all of their apps and data they need to get their job done. Here’s why you should consider DaaS:

1. Enable cost-effective IT

Deliver apps and desktops globally from the cloud and eliminate capital expenses for maintaining a datacenter while only paying for what you use.

2. Access work from any device
Your cloud desktop can be accessed from any HTML5-capable browser or via a small downloadable application, enabling you to access your work including an iPad, tablet, Chromebook, laptop, desktop, or thin client.

3. Deliver great user experiences
Workers receive a high-definition experience from their Windows apps and desktops at work, home, or anywhere in the world they do business. DaaS can deliver graphic-intensive applications or simple desktops side by side, giving your users the right desktop for the right occasion.

4. Provide desktops to remote or temp employees
Rapidly provision Windows apps and desktops for remote contractors or seasonal workers and easily shut them down when not in use.

5. Centralize and simplify application delivery.
Centrally manage and deliver Windows-based apps to your workforce with one simple interface.

6. Improve security and compliance
With desktops delivered virtually, your sensitive inofrmation is stored in the cloud and not on the device in case of loss or theft.

7. Keep business continuity during weather events
Scale up desktops as needed for weather-related events such as a snow day without any additional CapEx expenses. Once the event is done, you can quickly decomission them and only pay for what you use.

8. Simplify M&A infrastructure changes

Onboarding or off-loading large numbers of workers quickly is critical to mergers. Easily provision or decomission desktops as needed quickly with desktops on demand.

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