Unlock Opportunity with a New Security Approach
It happens millions of times every day.

Employees grab their first mug of coffee, set up a meeting or two, then get settled in to begin knocking out their daily to-do list. Then, they fire up the laptop, quickly access the apps and files they need, and get to work.

Honestly, it’s not that special, except for the fact that these millions of daily occurrences are now happening at makeshift desks, kitchen tables, couches, and just about every other place you can imagine around the home.

Welcome to the remote office—where work is no longer a place. It’s more of a dynamic activity that people expect to be as adaptable as they are.

And as recent trends suggest, it’s showing no signs of slowing down even after we return to a new 'normal.' Why? Because it works. People are more productive. They actually work more hours. And they feel like they have more control over a work-life balance.

But as IT and security personnel have realized, these distributed environments—where users and their work extend beyond the traditional firewal land now includes a wide range of web, SaaS and virtual apps—are straining their capabilities to the max.

Most are employing stop-gaps just to keep up, relying on a variety of point security and other solutions to just keep the machine running. But while they might be able to “keep the lights on,” they are foregoing many capabilities (consistent policies, visibility, analytics, etc.) that can help them protect their infrastructure, assets and employees.

Ask these same professionals and virtually all would agree that a new security framework is needed. A framework that encompasses not only the new wa ythat people work, but all the disparate parts of your environment where business is happening and people are collaborating.

The reason is simple. When IT and security pros can spend less time responding to threats and breakdowns, they can see more than just their vulnerabilities—they can see opportunities in their rapidly expanding array of devices, apps, services, and cloud infrastructure.

Simplifying Work and Security in a Cloud-First World
A secure digital workspace is the answer. Quite simply, it’s a contextual, integrated way to deliver and manage the apps, desktops, data, and devices your users need to be productive. It can fully aggregate all apps and data—both on premises and cloud—to deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Just as important, a digital workspace is protected by a security framework that surrounds users—wherever they are—and gives IT, security, and networking teams simplified control and proven security across today’s hybrid, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments.

Best of all, this framework encompasses and unifies everything in your distributed environment. Apps, desktops, data, networks, clouds, and devices are managed and protected holistically, so your users and your admins can do what they do best.

Want to see how you can take more advantage in today’s remote- and mobile-centric world? Check out this e-book, “Unlock opportunity with a new security approach” and see how you can gain the flexibility and control you need to advance innovation, manage risk, and enable new ways of working. Get your copy today, and ask us how we can help your security transformation.

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