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The Technical Issues with Remote Work

We understand all of the frustrations that come with your employees working remotely. We've been dealing with them for years. In fact, remote work has grown 159% over the past 12 years, with many full-time employees working from home in at least some capacity. The current state of the world has just accelerated a movement that was already gaining traction; but forcing the transition to happen so quickly has caused many of the below pain points for organizations.

Virtualization can be both expensive and time-consuming, two assets that many companies may not afford to give up right now.
High Costs
When employees work remotely, they often use their own device and public wifi, which poses a major threat to your company's data security.
Security Nightmares
IT departments are trying to update softwares, work on installs, and apply security patches all while having to reset employees passwords and educate them on the remote technology.
IT Support Headaches

We're Here to Help

Luckily, as a Citrix Partner we've been helping businesses solve these issues, and will continue as we move forward together. Even as businesses begin to open back up physically, many organizations will begin to implement remote-friendly policies. The following are ways we help make remote life less complex for your organization.

Nothing out of the box: We can offer securely delivered virtual apps and desktops with a per user subscription model. It's easy to scale up or down on demand.
Per User Subscription
We provide everything you need to deliver apps, desktops, and data with minimal assembly or maintenance. With a SSO experience, any user will be ready to work in minutes.
Managed Service
We can help migrate your data so that it is stored securely in the cloud, not on devices or file servers. If a device is lost, stolen, or infected with a virus, your company's valuable data is unaffected.
Cloud Stored Data

In a nutshell, we offer customized solutions that are much better served for a conversation. Schedule a Meeting through Calendly by clicking the button below so we can talk about a unique solution for your organization and users.

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