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"What is Citrix DaaS and how will it empower YOU as an IT professional?"

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A collection of communications from the Brick Bridge team. Check out the blogs and other media written to help improve your workflow and Citrix product understanding.


Converge 2021 Session: "Human Centered Workflow Design"

The fundamental way that humans engage and become successful in their work has shifted. The rapid changes in work-from-home culture and the ever-expanding implementation of software for everything has begun to challenge the existential notion of what human work means. Software and automations have been designed to occupy much of the repetitive or mundane “task” of work. This type of work has characterized most jobs since the implementation of computers at the workplace and it is being replaced.


Podcast Interview: Chris Blakeley of Repaytient - Render Capital Winner

Season 2 Episode 6- "Interview: Chris Blakeley of Repaytient (recent Render Capital Win)" - This podcast is an interview with Chris Blakely who is the COO of Repaytient and recent winner of the Render Capital start-up investment competition. Repaytient chose Citrix Podio as the foundation to launch their startup in April 2020.


Brick Bridge is a Gold Sponsor of the Citrix Converge 2021 Event!

Here at Brick Bridge Consulting, we take great pride in being able to sell and implement Citrix products, as we believe we have the technology to revolutionize the workspace. Hence, we are thrilled to announce that we will be sponsoring Citrix Converge 2021; a four-day event, featuring lab experts from Citrix, their partners, as well as their customers who will be covering a range of topics around Citrix technology.

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Featured: Supporting Employee Well-being with New Citrix Workspace Microapps

Brick Bridge's Citrix Ready microapps for Spotify and New York Times have been featured in a new Citrix Blog post by Danijela Nandi, Sr. Product Manager - "Citrix Workspace is committed to providing the best employee experience while supporting secure work on any device, from any location, and for any type of work. An important component of a great employee experience is employee well-being..."


Free July Webinar: "Crafting the Future of Work"

Join us FREE for our Summer 2021 Webinar titled "Crafting the Future of Work". The award-winning team at Brick Bridge will be sharing insider secrets on the successful strategy and implementation of Citrix Workspace with Intelligence. The webinar is scheduled for July 29th, 2021 at 12:15 pm EST - you can register by clicking the "Webinar Registration" link towards the top of our homepage (red-stripped section).


Brick Bridge Wins Citrix Green Microapp Challenge, Plants Forest

"Their entry — “Does Elon love Workspace?” — featured microapps retrieving climate data from Weather API, controlling Ecobee smart thermostats remotely, offsetting their carbon footprint via Jotform and Stripe, and much more. The breadth of functionality in the Brick Bridge entry wowed the judges, as did the Gen X-friendly finale!"

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Brick Bridge guests on Supercharged! Podcast Season 4

Gil Roberts of Brick Bridge Consulting guest stars on the Supercharged! Podcast. "This is a really interesting discussion that goes beyond just Podio and to the heart of how we are navigating the best practices around work, the office, and technology in our new reality (post/during Covid)...


Announcing The Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast

The Brick Bridge Consulting Team is BACK with a new season and a new name, The Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast. In this blog I'll discuss the platforms we are going to be covering and the types of content you’ll expect.


5 Signs You're Ready for the Workspace Revolution

Good job…so what’s next?

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Brick Bridge interview for the Citrix User Group Community

Brick Bridge featured on Citrix User Group Community Interview

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Brick Bridge Consulting featured on RawWorks Interview

Brick Bridge Consulting featured on RawWorks Youtube page

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Brick Bridge Consulting Recognized as one of the Startups to Watch in 2021

Brick Bridge featured on Business Newsletter

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